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About Oasis Guides

Kevin, Benny, Sheldon and Karne epitomize what Oasis Guides is all about: Experience, a passion for the outdoors, fun loving and a desire to share their intimate knowledge of one of the truly most magnificent natural wonders on earth, the Grand Canyon.

We formed this guide service to cater to the individual who wants a special experience that a bus tour or other standard tour operator cannot offer. If you walk away with an unforgettable memory and an enhanced appreciation of the beautiful southwest, then we have done our jobs well. If you have found a new desire to experience even more of the world of adventure travel, then we have done a really good job.

That is our goal, to open the door to our clients to this exciting world. Once you truly get a taste of it, as we did early on in our lives, it is something you simply cannot turn away from. We hope, like us, you will forever be hooked by the beauty of our natural world and appreciate how very important it is to protect it for future generations. We support the efforts of the Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy and other similar organizations, and, as time goes on, we believe more people will become aware of how truly important it is save our natural treasures.